The company wants to pack medicinal products into logistic units like cases, pallets, or parcels, etc. To identify and keep track of these logistic units, serial shipping container codes (SSCCs) are needed. 

To identify and keep track of logistic units in the Manufacturer for Pharma application, create serial shipping container code (SSCCs) sequences.

List of Procedures

Searching for an SSCC and Viewing the SSCC History in the Pool

1. Open the Manufacturer for Pharma application and select the SSCC pool tab.

2. Enter the SSCC in the search field and/or select the status under Status.

  • The list of the SSCCs is filtered based on the search criteria.
  • You can reset the filter by clicking the Reset Filters icon.

3. To view the history of an SSCC, click > next to the SSCC on the left. You can track all the status changes of the SSCC during its lifecycle.


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Creating SSCC Sequences

You can create unique and GS1-compliant SSCCs in the Manufacturer for Pharma application.


1. Open the Manufacturer for Pharma application.

2. On the SSCC Pool tab, click Create SSCC Sequence.

3. the Create SSCC Sequence window, provide the details as described below.

Extension digitEnter the extension digit for the SSCC (0-9). This can be useful if you want to introduce a hierarchy (multi-level containers), where each level has its own extension digit.
GS1 PrefixEnter your GS1 company prefix. The allowed prefix length is 6 to 9 digits.
Start sequence from

Optionally, specify the serial number to start the sequence from. The value given here is part of the serial reference piece of your SSCC.

Movilitas.Cloud recommends leaving the field blank and letting the application decide where to start.

Providing a number

The provided serial number is the starting value.

If the value is already in the pool, the serial reference piece will take the next value that is not existing in the pool yet.

For example, you enter "200" here, and the serial reference is 7-digit long due to a 9-digit long GS1 company prefix. The first SSCC in the sequence will receive "0000200" as the serial reference, the second one will have "0000201", and so on. If "0000200" is already in the pool, the next value is taken that is not existing in the pool yet.

Note: If the first 1001 serial numbers that the system tries have already been taken, a safeguard is triggered and an error message is displayed: Couldn't generate SSCC in 1001 iterations.

Leaving the field blank

The application calculates the serial reference piece by counting how many SSCCs were created with the given GS1 company prefix and extension digit before. The application picks the first serial number based on the counted number and tries that value first.

For example, suppose there are already 2000 SSCCs for the given GS1 company prefix and extension digit. In that case, the application assumes that serial numbers "0" to "1999" have already been taken and will start from serial number "2000" when it tries to generate new SSCCs.

AmountEnter the number of required SSCCs.


Note: Movilitas.Cloud automatically calculates the check digit based on the entered values as per the GS1 standard. You do not need to calculate or give the check digit.

4. Click Create. The SSCCs are created and added to the list in Available status.

In the following example, we are searching for the three SSCCs generated with the values illustrated previously:

  • Extension digit: "9"
  • GS1 Prefix: "012345678"
  • Start sequence from: "200" --> "0000200"
  • Amount: "3"
  • The last, check digit is automatically calculated.

Next Steps

The SSCCs can be used to pack medicinal products.

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