Movilitas.Cloud logs each user activity connected to each tenant. By default, all the user logs of the actual day are displayed for the selected tenant. You can filter the logs to view the activities of a certain user in a given time period.

Note: Movilitas.Cloud refers to tenants as customers in the logs.


1. Go to Movilitas.Cloud Console --> My tenants.

2. Select the tenant or click Open tenant next to it.

3. On the Tenant Dashboard, select the Logs tab. The application displays the search criteria fields and all the user logs of the actual day.

4. In the Filter by drop-down, select User.

5. Enter the name or email address and click Add filter. The selected filter is displayed after the Time period section.

6. Set a time period.

7. Click Search. The logs are filtered based on the given criteria.

  • You can expand a log by clicking > next to the log.
  • You can set the displayed number of items per page by selecting Items per page drop-down.
  • You can reset the filter by clicking Reset.