If the customer encounters the following error: Bulk operations do not work, while single scanning operations work with individual products, then they should receive the following error messages while trying to bulk scan (verify):

  • The product code is unknown
  • No status indicator found
  • No pack array found

If this situation comes up

  • From our experience, it could be a multi-region pack
    • This means that the product exists in other country's NMVS, but not in your current region NMVS 

The way NMVS works today is that they support cross-country communication for single packs, but not for bulk. 
The customer is able to single verify, single dispense, etc… the packs that are in other NMVS’s, but bulk operations will not work unfortunately in these cases.

The solution to the problem is:

  • Kindly contact your current region NMVS, as only NMVS can give you more information if the product code exists or not.

(Please note that if the bulk transactions do not work, the scan for order feature might not work as well.)