The Reports & Analysis application is integrated with the EMVO Alert Management System (AMS) and lists the alerts for a time window not longer than one month.

Before You Begin

Make sure that an EU Hub channel is configured for your tenant. The Movilitas.Cloud team can help you configure the EU Hub channel. At the same time, the Movilitas.Cloud team can help you connect to the EMVO AMS. Separate credentials are required for the EU Hub and for the EMVO AMS.


1. In the Reports & Analysis application, select FMD --> Alert Management. The application displays the alerts for the past 30 days.

For each alert, the application displays the date and time, the alert code, the alert message, and the alert ID. For more information, see EMVS Alert Codes.


2. Set the time window to list the alerts for that period by using the datepicker. The biggest time window that you can set is one month.

3. Click Search. The application filters the list of alerts based on the search criteria.

4. Click > (Expand) to view the details of an alert including the pack data.

The following example illustrates an alert with alert code #A2 Batch Not Found: