The Reports & Analysis application is integrated with the EMVO Alert Management System (EAMS) and lists the alerts for a time window not wider than one month.

The tenant acting as an OBP (MAH) can view the alert details, set the status of the alert, and select/give a reason for the alert. Movilitas.Cloud updates the EAMS based on the provided data.

The alert can take a status as illustrated below. The EAMS dictates the allowed status transitions:

Note: To access this page, the "Administrator" role is required.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have the credentials to access the EMVO AMS (EAMS). Contact Movilitas.Cloud Support to establish the automated connection to EAMS from Movilitas.Cloud.


1. In the Reports & Analysis application, select FMD --> Alert Management --> Europe. The application displays the alerts for the past 30 days.

For each alert, the application displays the following:

  • Date and time
  • Alert code
  • Alert message
  • Alert ID
  • Alert status

For more information, see EMVS Alert Codes.

The following example illustrates the case when there might be alerts in the EMVO AMS, but none of the alerts was raised in the selected time window:

2. Set the time window to list the alerts for that period by using the datepicker in the Select date range field. The biggest time window that you can set is one month.

3. Click Search. The application filters the list of alerts in a paginated view based on the search criteria.


4. Select an alert from the list. 

  • The application opens a pop-up window that describes the details of the alert and where the user can set the status and select/give a reason.
  • When selecting an alert in status New, the application automatically moves the status to Active indicating that the alert is seen.


5. Set the new status and select/give a reason.


  • Active
  • Under investigation - Note: You cannot give a reason while the alert is under investigation.
  • Escalated
  • Closed

The reasons are retrieved from EAMS. The application offers the reasons that are applicable to OBPs only:

Reason CodeReason DescriptionCustom Reason Applicable?
RC-001Custom reason. The Custom reason field becomes active and you can enter the reason.Yes
RO-001Issue intended to be fixed by OBP. Only applicable to status Active and Escalated.No
RO-002Issue fixed by OBP.No
RO-003Issue cannot be fixed by OBP.No
RO-004Not permitted request for pack state change by OBP for own product.No
RO-005Recommended escalation to NMVO/NCA because OBP cannot find any errors.No


6. Click Update Status

The application displays Update in progress... next to the alert until updating the EAMS is completed. A green toast message at the bottom of the screen indicates that the process is finished, and the status is changed to the selected one.

Escalated alerts

It is not possible to change the status Escalated to another status. Another stakeholder performs the investigation and changes the status of the alert. When trying to change the status, the application displays an error message.