3PLThird Party Logistics
AMSAlert Management System
APIApplication Programming Interface
ASNAdvanced Shipping Notification
ATPAuthorized Trading Partners
BPOMBadan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (National Agency of Drug and Food Control in Indonesia)
CAROCredentialing of ATP for Regulatory Observance
CMOContract Manufacturing Organization
CSOCustomer Sales Order
CSDBCorporate Serialization Database (see Arvato CSDB)
CSVComma Separated Values
CRPTЦРПТ – Центр развития перспективных технологий (Advanced Technology Development Center in Russia)
DSCSADrug Supply Chain Security Act
EDQMEuropean Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare
EMAEuropean Medicines Agency
EMVOEuropean Medicines Verification Organisation
EMVSEuropean Medicines Verification System
EPCISElectronic Product Code Information Services
ESSIDExtended Service Set Identifier
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
EUEuropean Union
EU HubEuropean Hub
EVMPDEudraVigilance Medicinal Product Dictionary
FMDFalsified Medicines Directive
FNC1Function 1 Symbol Character
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FTPSFile Transfer Protocol Secure
GLNGlobal Location Number (GS1)
GS1Global Standards 1
GTINGlobal Trade Item Number (GS1)
HMACHash-based Message Authentication Code
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
IDMPIdentification of Medicinal Products
IDOCIntermediate Document
IFAInformationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten (Information service provider for the pharmaceutical market in Germany)

International Non-proprietary Name

IS MPTInformation system of marking and traceability of goods in Kazakhstan
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
MAHMarketing Authorization Holder
MD5Message Digest Method 5
Russian Drug Circulation Monitoring System
NDCNational Drug Code
NGDANetzgesellschaft Deutscher Apotheker mbH (NMVS in Germany)

Nomor Izin Edar (Distribution License for Medical Devices in Indonesia)

NMVONational Medicines Verification Organisation
NMVSNational Medicines Verification System
NTINNational Trade Item Number
OBPOn-boarding Partner
OCSOver Costed Structures
OMSOrder Management Station
openFDAU.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration
OTCOver the Counter
PCIDPackaged Medicinal Product Identifier
PDGPartnership for DSCSA Governance
POIDPurchase Order ID
PPNPharmacy Product Number
PTSPackage Transfer Service
QRQuick Response
RS232Recommended Standard 232
RSDDrug Track and Trace System for Pharmaceutical products in Saudi Arabia
SAPSystemanalyse Programmentwicklung (System Analysis Program Development)
SAP AIISAP Auto-ID Infrastructure
SAP ATTPSAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals
SAP ICHSAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences
SAP PISAP Process Integration
SFDASaudi Food and Drug Authority
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol or SSH File Transfer Protocol
sGTIN or SGTINSerialized GTIN
SHA256Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SPORSubstances, Products, Organizations, and Referentials
SSCCSerial Shipping Container Code (GS1)
SSHSecure Shell
STIDStock Transfer ID
TITransaction Information
TN VEDCommodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity (Kazakhstan)
TSTransaction Statement
UKThe United Kingdom
UPC or UPC-AUniversal Product Code
USAThe United States of America
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UUIDUniversally Unique Identifier
VATValue Added Tax
VRSVerification Router Service
WS Security, WSSWeb Services Security
XEVMPDExtended Medicinal Product Dictionary
ZIPZone Improvement Plan (Postal Code)


An archive file format that supports lossless data compression.
ZPLZebra Programming Language