You can create all the warehouses of the company in the system to keep track of the locations where the activities are carried out.


1. In the Serialized Logistics for Pharma application, go to Warehouses.

2. On the Create Warehouse form, provide a name for the warehouse.

3. (Optional) Provide the warehouse and owner global location numbers (GLN).

The warehouse GLN is required to identify the warehouse if you want to send data to SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) or SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH). You can also provide an owner GLN that groups the warehouse GLNs.

4. (Optional) Provide a warehouse tag.

You need the warehouse tag to easily identify the warehouse when sending data using different integration APIs in Movilitas.Cloud.

5. (Optional) Select a country and a business channel.

Specify a country and select the business channel with SAP ATTP or SAP ICH source that you created earlier. You can also specify a default business channel for all your warehouses in Settings.

6. Click Create. The warehouse is added to the list.

Next Steps

You can assign operators to the warehouses you created.