View the history of a specific pack (trade item) in the Serialized Manufacturing application.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the product code and the serial number are registered in Movilitas.Cloud.


1. In the Serialized Manufacturing application, select the SN/SSCC pool --> Pack history tab.

2. Enter the product code and serial number in the applicable fields.

3. Click Get Pack History.

The application displays:

SummaryPool status, pack status, and parent. 
Pool HistoryThe actions performed on the serial and the status for each action.
Pack HistoryThe actions performed on the pack (trade item) and the result per action.
Pack Hierarchy

The hierarchy of the pack up to the lowest child, with details for each level.

By default, the application displays only the pack under investigation and the number of child trade items (if any).

The user can expand each level for further details and the application displays data for the next level as described above. The application shows the child trade item first, and then it shows the content of the child trade item after expanding the child trade item.

The serial number can take one of the following statuses in the pool:

AvailableThe serial number is free to use.
AssignedThe serial number is reserved for an activity.

The pack having the serial number can take one of the following statuses:

ActiveThe pack is produced but not yet commissioned to the market.
CommissionedThe pack is commissioned to the market.
DecommissionedThe pack is decommissioned due to one of the following reasons:
  • Destroyed
  • Sampled
UnknownA status meaning that the pack was not known by Movilitas.Cloud.

The following example illustrates a pack that was a child of a container. Finally, the pack was decommissioned:

The following example illustrates nested packs. The pack has a child pack. The child pack also has two child packs: