The Serialized Logistics application enables users to handle serialized logistics in the warehouse.

With this application, you can use the following capabilities:

Connections to External Systems and Storing Scanning Data on a Dedicated Repository

The connections to external systems are established through respective channels.

In the pharmaceutical industry, you can connect to the following systems to report activities:

  • BPOM (Indonesian market)

You can also set a repository to store your scanning data.

Administrator UI

Enables the users with administrator or moderator user role, to configure and manage the application:

  • Tracking the transfer activities performed in the warehouse.
  • Managing sites, including warehouses, operators, suppliers, and clients.
  • Controlling application-level settings.

Movilitas Mobile

Operators in the warehouse can complete the following activities on the products in the mobile application:

  • Ship
    • By batch - Shipping by batch is only possible at manufacturer sites (set for the warehouse). 
    • By stock transfer ID
    • By purchase order ID
  • Receive – For internal type, the operators can see the stock transfer IDs and batches that have been shipped to the operator’s warehouse but have not been received yet.
  • Unpack
  • Pack
  • Decommission

The scanning activities are reported to the system configured for the warehouse.