In the Serialized Manufacturing application, you can view the serial number pool with details such as product code, product code schema, product name, and the source of the serial numbers.

The serial number pool displays a summary of the serial numbers per product generated in or requested from Movilitas.Cloud. The serial number pool is also updated with external serial numbers of the produced packs sent through Manufacturer V2 API.

Source of the Serial NumbersVisible under the Serial Number Pool Tab?Serial Number Stored in the Serial Number Pool?
External one that has no connection to Movilitas.CloudYes (Automatically assigned serials)
Yes (sent over Manufacturer V2 API)

*Additional parameters are stored in Movilitas.Cloud next to the serial number. For example, Russian crypto parameters, when applicable. The storage of additional parameters is driven by the requirements of the TraceLink connection. These parameters are not visible in the UI.

When you open the serial number pool for a product, you can see that the serial numbers take one of the following statuses:

  • Available
  • Assigned

Serial Number StatusDescription
AvailableWhen you generate or request serial numbers to fill the serial number pool, they automatically go into Available status.

When you release previously assigned serials, they also go into Available status.


The serial number goes to Assigned status when:

  • A packaging order is released to a packaging line.
  • A printing order is created. 
  • Serials are requested through the Manufacturer V2 API.
  • Serials are assigned to Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) by the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH).
  • Serials are provided to SAP ATTP upon request from SAP ATTP.

The serial will remain in this status even after:

  • The pack is produced and commissioned to market. 
  • The pack is decommissioned.

A decommissioned pack along with its serial number can take further status based on the reason for the decommissioning. For more information, see the SN/SSCC Pool --> Pack history tab.


1. In the Serialized Manufacturing application, select the SN/SSCC pool --> Serial number pool tab. The application displays the list of products registered in the application.

2. To filter on the list, enter the product code or a part of the product name in the search field.

  • The list is filtered based on the search criteria.
  • You can reset the filter by clicking the Reset Filters icon. 

3. To view the details of a product, click > (Expand icon) next to the product code on the left.

The application displays the product details and a donut chart illustrating the available versus assigned serials. After hovering your mouse over the chart, you can see the number of serials in Available or Assigned status.