As a 3PL, you can scan up to 30 packs and send a request to the MAH to complete the same action for them. In the case of Sample and Free Sample actions, you can scan only a single pack and send a request to the MAH.

You can follow up on the requests you sent to the MAH in the Wholesaler FMD mobile application.

Note: Applicable in when the status change is reported over MAH.

Before You Begin

Make sure the administrator has assigned you as an operator to the Wholesaler FMD application, assigned you to a warehouse, and authorized you to complete at least one activity.


1. Open the Wholesaler FMD application in Movilitas Mobile.

2. Select 3PL mode.

Note: This step is only applicable when Wholesaler and 3PL mode is set in the web application. 

3. Select a client from the drop-down and tap CONTINUE or scan a client. The application displays the operator actions.

4. Select List of transactions. The application displays the list of transactions.

5. Select a transaction from the list to view its details.