You can register to Movilitas.Cloud in two ways:

1. Registering your company and yourself as an administrator.

2. Registering as a user after receiving an invitation through email.

This article describes the first case when you register your company and you create an administrator account on the login page.

Note: We recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 11 is the minimum version supported.


1. Open the browser and go to You will see the following login page:

2. Click on Don't have an account? Register. You are taken to the registration page.

3. Provide the required details about the company on the registration form and choose Next. The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

4. Provide details about yourself.

5. Select the I accept the Terms of use and Privacy policy checkbox. To read the respective document, click on Terms of use or Privacy policy in the text.

6. Select the I'm not a robot checkbox.

7. Complete your registration by clicking on the Register button. Once you register, you get an email with an activation code. In case you have not received the activation email, check your spam folder.

8. Open the email that you received and click on Activate Your Account or copy and paste the activation link into your browser.

You have a Movilitas.Cloud account where your company is a tenant and you are its administrator. You can now log in.

Next Steps

Assign other users to the tenant. If the user is not registered in Movilitas.Cloud, an invitation email is sent to the provided email address.

Provide your company's billing address within 30 days of registration. Three weeks after your registration, we will send you a reminder email with the subscription costs calculated based on the configuration of the system at that point in time.