The Arvato-based National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) provides Business Channel T&Cs, which are imported into the Movilitas.Cloud system.

If the NMVS provides an updated Terms & Conditions document, Customers must accept the new T&Cs within their respective business channels. Please note that T&Cs are not available in certain countries.

In order to accept the updated T&Cs follow these steps:

  • Kindly navigate to you dashboard

  • Select channels tab

  • Select the "edit channel" button on the appropriate channel (on the right side - pen icon)

  • If you have updated T&C's a yellow box will appear on the tab (see attached screenshot)
    • It states "A new version of the NMVS Terms and Conditions is available for acceptance."

  • Kindly click the yellow box

  • Accept the new Terms and conditions

After these steps are completed, the yellow box should disappear and the new Terms and Conditions will be accepted.

Additional information:

Movilitas gets updates when it’s time to accept new T&C, and there is normally some room before it must be accepted. We are not sure how long that time window is. Technically we don’t get info upfront when new T&C will come up, but at the same time, the customer does not have to accept it immediately. 

There is some time overlap when both are active (old T&C's and new T&C's). We are not aware how long that overlap is, so it’s advised that customer accepts T&C as soon as possible. 
We advise checking the business channel settings at least once a week just to make sure that everything is in order.

Once old T&C is no longer valid, the customer will not be able to use Arvato system without accepting the new T&C.