1. Go to the Settings menu on the Android device.

2. Enter "unknown" in the search bar and select the Install unknown apps option. The device displays a screen listing the sources.

3. Select Google Chrome.

Screenshot example of a device running Android 8.1:


4. Activate Allow from this source or the toggle button next to the source.

5. Log in to Movilitas.Cloud Admin UI through Google Chrome (https://admin.movilitas.cloud). The application displays the Movilitas.Cloud Console.

6. Scroll down to Movilitas software section (bottom of the screen). Select Download Movilitas Mobile to download the APK file from Movilitas.Cloud Console.

 An alternative solution:


1. Download the APK file on the computer or any other device.

2.Send the APK file to the Zebra (Android) device via USB or Bluetooth.

3. Open the file manager on the device.

4. Find the APK file.

5. Install the APK.


How to connect a Zebra device to PC via USB (same as any other Android device):


1. Connect the Zebra device to the dock.

2. Connect the dock to the PC via USB cable. When connected via USB cable, the Zebra device should automatically display USB charging this device

3. Tap on the message and enable file transfer.

4. Copy the selected APK file to the destination folder on the Zebra device.

How to connect a Zebra device via Bluetooth:


1. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC or the device that has the APK file.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on the Zebra device.

3. Pair the devices.

4. Send the selected APK file via Bluetooth to the Zebra device.

5. Accept the shared APK file on the Zebra device.

Finding the APK file on the Zebra device and installing the file:

1. Go to the "file browser" on the Zebra device.

2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

3. Search for the name of the file. The application returns the search result.

4. Tap on the APK file to install the application.