First method:

  • Kindly navigate to the settings menu on the android device
  • Type into the search bar "unknown", they should see the following screen or similar with chromium if that is the installed browser:

  • enable "allow from this source"
  • open chromium
  • download the application via chromium from Movilitas web portal

 There is an alternate solution (second method):


  • Download the APK file on the computer or any other device
  • Send the APK file to the zebra device via USB or Bluetooth
  • Open file manager on zebra device
  • Kindly navigate to the APK file
  • Install the .APK manually.


How to connect Zebra device to pc via USB (same as any other android device):


  • Connect the zebra device to the dock
  • Connect the dock to the PC via USB cable
  • When you connected via USB cable, the zebra device should automatically bring up "USB charging this device"
  • Kindly tap on the message and enable file transfer
  • Copy the selected APK file to the destination folder on the Zebra device

To connect Zebra device via Bluetooth:


  • Your PC or other devices must have Bluetooth running
  • Enable Bluetooth on the Zebra device
  • Send the selected APK file via Bluetooth to the Zebra device
  • Accept the shared APK file on the Zebra device


The next step should be finding the .APK file on the Zebra device and manually install it.

  • Kindly navigate to the "file browser" on the Zebra device
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right corner
  • Select "search" and enter the name of the file you are searching for

Tapping on the .APK file should start the installation.