While scanning a pack for single verification in Wholesaler FMD mobile app, the below error appears: 

1. Error: Status 'Undefined'

2. Error: 'Invalid XML'


Error appears while scanning the single pack while performing a single verification.

  • Error 1: 'Invalid XML'

  • Error 2: Status 'Undefined'


The status information comes from NMVS to Movilitas.Cloud as an XML message and the application displays that message. When NMVS does not send the status to Movilitas.Cloud, the application displays the Invalid XML error, and then the 'Undefined' status. 

The 'Undefined' status is not an error in Movilitas.Cloud but a value in a special case. This usually occurs when doing a single verification and the NMVS does not send the status to Movilitas.Cloud.

Next steps / Recommendation:

Contact NMVS for further help by explaining the action, date and time, and pack data.