CRPT OMS (CRPT - Advanced Technology Development Center in Russia, OMS - Order Management Station) is the Russian track and trace system that provides crypto codes upon request from manufacturers producing pharmaceutical products to the Russian market.

The CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel enables you to connect to the CRPT OMS system through Movilitas.Cloud and ensures the following:

  • Communication with the CRPT OMS system is compliant with the security standards set by CRPT OMS.
  • OMS messages that are sent from external systems over API are forwarded to the CRPT OMS system.
  • Responses from the CRPT OMS system are received at Movilitas.Cloud that forwards the message to the customer as a response to the API request without any change.

The following external systems are supported:

  • SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)

To utilize the services of CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel:

  • You must configure an MDLP (Foreign) channel.
  • You must have a static authentication token to communicate with Movilitas.Cloud over API.

The following figure illustrates the required configuration to communicate with CRPT OMS from an external system.

Before You Begin

Make sure that:


1. Go to Movilitas.Cloud Console --> My tenants.

2. Select the tenant or click Open tenant next to it.

3. On the Tenant Dashboard, select the Channels tab. The application displays the list of channels assigned to the tenant.

4. Depending on your setup, create a CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel or modify an existing one. Follow one of the procedures described in the table below.

#Create a ChannelModify an Existing Channel
4.1Click the + icon (Create channel). The application displays the Create channel dialog.

To search for a CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel, use the search criteria field and the filters:

  • Enter the channel name in the search criteria field.
  • Select the status.
  • Select CRPT OMS (Foreign) as the source.
  • Select Regulatory channel as the type.
4.2Select Regulatory channel as the type and click Create.

The application displays the Create Channel page with an empty form to give the basic parameters of the channel.
To view the channel information, click on the channel name or the edit icon (Edit channel) next to the channel.

The application displays the Edit Channel page with the current channel settings.
4.3Enter a name for the channel and select CRPT OMS (Foreign) as the source.N/A

Click Create Channel.

The application informs you about the additional costs. After confirming the creation, the application displays the Edit Channel page with a form where you can provide the connection details for the channel.


Example when we are creating a CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel:

Example when opening an existing CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel:

5. Provide the CRPT OMS (Foreign) channel settings as explained in the table below:

Select MDLP channelSelect a previously configured MDLP (Foreign) channel. The MDLP (Foreign) channel is a prerequisite for connecting to the CRPT OMS system.
OMS connection identifierEnter the OMS connection identifier.
PasswordEnter the OMS password related to the OMS connection identifier.
Certificate passphraseEnter the certificate passphrase that is provided by the CRPT OMS system.
Select CertificateUpload a valid certificate for user authentication. Click on the button and select the certificate file on your computer.

Note: It is mandatory to upload a certificate.

6. Click Save Settings

7.  (Optional) If needed, change the name of the channel and click Save Channel.

Next Steps

Configure a static authentication token to communicate with Movilitas.Cloud over API. For more information, see Managing API Keys and Static Token.

Once you have the static token, you can send the CRPT OMS messages over API to Movilitas.Cloud. For more information, see the Movilitas OMS API requests.