This procedure describes the login process to Movilitas Mobile.

Log in to Movilitas Mobile to perform scanning activities on the sites.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you performed the registration process and you have an account to log in to Movilitas Mobile. You need to have the Mobile user property activated for your account in the Administrator UI.

To use Movilitas Mobile on a mobile device with a built-in scanner, ensure that you have installed Movilitas Mobile on your device. For more information, see Downloading and Installing Movilitas Mobile.


1. Open the application on your device or in the web browser. You will see the login page.

The following example illustrates Movilitas Mobile application installed on an Android device:

2. Enter your email and password.

3. Tap Login.

After a successful login, the application displays the Dashboard:

  • You can see the currently selected customer.
  • The list of applications assigned to you. 
  • Optionally, the Contacts if it is set in the Administrator UI.

4. In case you have forgotten your password, tap Forgot Password to reset your password.

Note: You can also access offline scanning for certain applications by tapping Offline Scan. Offline scanning is only possible with the installed version of the application.

Next Steps

Select your customer. For more information, see Selecting a Customer in Movilitas Mobile.

After selecting the customer, select the application and perform scanning operations.