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How to configure your operators and define their operations.

When a mobile user is defined in Movilitas.Cloud, the administrator can make this mobile user an operator of the wholesale application.

Under "operators" in the wholesale application you see the available operators:

Click on the action "+" behind the name of the mobile user to make it an active operator:

Click on the setting icon behind the active operator to access the settings of this operator:

The operator needs to be assigned to a warehouse, because this will determine to what NMVS the scans will be sent of this operator.

The UUID can be used if you like to limit the operator to which mobile devices or scanners that can be used for scanning. Every mobile device has a unique UUID that can be specified here.

By default all privileges are active for an operator (meaning all FMD actions required for a wholesaler). If certain actions should be available for an operator they can be turned off, and the option will not be shown on the Movilitas Mobile for that operator.

"Save user privileges" and you are all set.

To see this in a video:

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