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How to invite your operators as Mobile User.

Before an operator can scan using our Movilitas Mobile he or she needs to be defined as a mobile user in our Movilitas.Cloud by the administrator of the customer.

Select "Movilitas Mobile users":

Fill-in the e-mail address of the mobile user and press assign mobile user:

The administrator will see a pending invite and the assigned person will receive an e-mail (also please check spam). If the user is however already known by Movilitas.Cloud the user is immediately activated.

The invited mobile user has to press the link in the e-mail and is brought to the following screen:

This needs to be filled:

After the user registers the administrator can see that the mobile user is now in pending phase:

The user will receive an activation link over e-mail:

By clicking on the activation link the mobile user is activated in the system.

To see this in a video:

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