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How to define my Warehouse(s).

Scanning actions by Wholesalers and 3PLs are executed in Warehouses. You need to define these warehouses in our system, because a warehouse is linked to a connection to a NMVS. 

If you have a warehouse that is performing activities that require multiple connections to a NMVS then you need to define this warehouse as two or more warehouses.

First you select the "Wholesaler EU app":

This brings you to the following menu:

You need to provide a name and the country this warehouse is located in:

After clicking "create" your warehouse is defined.

Some remarks:

  • The GLN is optional. This is only needed for 3PLs when connecting to a MAH that requires this information.
  • The Warehouse tag is optional. This is only needed if you make use of the Wholesaler API to identify from which warehouse the call was coming.
  • You need to select a NMVS Channel, but NMVS Channels are only shown if you have an active channel defined under business channels for that country.
  • UUID is also optional. This can be used to only allow specific devices to be used for scanning in that warehouse. (Every mobile device has a unique UUID)

To see this in a video:

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