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How to activate the Wholesaler app.

The Wholesaler app provides all function you need as a Wholesaler or 3PL to be compliant for the activities specified by the FMD for Wholesalers or 3PLs (pre-wholesaler).

To make this app active on Movilitas.Cloud you click on "add more" on the "Applications" block:

In the Application Store you can select "FMD" as category to see the available FMD related applications:

You select "Wholesaler EU":

The symbols that represents a mobile device means that this application can be used in combination with our Movilitas Mobile app. Your select "enable application" and the application is available to you.

By clicking on the "dashboard" you return to your dashboard:

By clicking on the "Wholesaler EU" app you can change the settings:

If you only act as a wholesaler only then you can change the "mode of operation" into "Wholesale Mode" and you will get a simplified menu:

To see this in a video:


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