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How to make a connection to your NMVS

If you need to connect to a National Medicine Verification System (NMVS) you need one or more connections depending on the requirements of your country.

To find the Organization that is responsible in your country, please refer to and  select the country you are located. You need to contact your NMVO (National Medicine Verification Organisation) to get access credentials before you can establish the connection over MOvilitas.Cloud. 

If this creates problems please contact our support and we will help you.

When you have the credentials the connection can be setup. You create a "Business Channel" for every connection required. Click on "Business Channels" and it will open up:

Select "Create Channel":

Give it a meaningful name and select the source:

Select "Create Channel" and the channel is created.

Depending on the selected source you will have to enter different information. For NMVS there are three possible sources used in Europe:

  1. Arvato 
  2. SolidSoft
  3. NGDA (for wholesaler, Hospital Pharmacies and Pharmacies)(only for Germany)

The systems used for the FMD countries are as follows:

If you like to see this in a video:

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