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How to set me up as a Wholesaler to be FMD compliant

As a pure wholesaler you need to be able to connect to the NMVS (National Medicine Verification System) and perform scans on a pack level in the following situations:

This topic guides you how to set-up the system to be compliant with our stand-alone Movilitas Mobile app.

The following steps need to be executed (at the end of every instruction there is a video if you prefer to watch instead of read):

  1. Register on Movilitas.Cloud as a new customer.
  2. Make a connection to your NMVS.
  3. Activate the wholesaler app for "Wholesale mode".
  4. Define your warehouse(s).
  5. Invite your operators as Mobile User.
  6. Define your operators and configure their operations.
  7. Install the Mobile app on the mobile device or scanner.
  8. Login to the Mobile app and start scanning.

Your are now FMD compliant as Wholesaler.

If you also fulfill 3PL or Pre-Wholesale activities you can connect to your MAHs or if you are a MAH you can on-board your 3PLs. Please contact us or follow the specific How to's on this topic.

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