The Serialized Logistics application enables users to handle serialized logistics in the warehouse.

With this application, you can use the following capabilities:

Connecting to External Systems

The connections to external systems are established through respective channels.

In the pharmaceutical industry, you can connect to the following systems to report activities:

  • BPOM (Indonesian market)

Connecting to a GS1 Digital Link Resolver Server

The Serialized Logistics application can communicate with an external GS1 Digital Link Resolver server. The Serialized Logistics application forwards the electronic content request from the users to the server that redirects them to an external website presenting the digital information. For more information about the GS1 Digital Link standard, visit the GS1 website.

Administrator UI

Enables the users with administrator or moderator user role, to configure and manage the application:

  • Tracking the transfer activities performed in the warehouse.
  • Managing sites, including warehouses, operators, suppliers, and clients.
  • Controlling application-level settings.

Movilitas Mobile

Operators in the warehouse can complete the following activities on the products in the mobile application:

  • Verify
  • Request electronic content by scanning a GS1 2D barcode 
  • Ship
    • By batch - Shipping by batch is only possible at manufacturer sites (set for the warehouse). 
    • By stock transfer ID
    • By purchase order ID
  • Receive – The operators can see the stock transfer IDs and batches that have been shipped to the operator’s warehouse but have not been received yet.
  • Unpack
  • Pack
  • Decommission

The scanning activities are reported to the system configured for the warehouse.

Offline Scanning (Only for Verification)

The mobile application also offers offline scanning for verification purposes for the users working on a site with a limited connection to the Internet. The user can submit the items for verification after logging into the application once the device has a connection to the Internet again.