While creating or updating a product, the manufacturer will have the ability to store the product details in the VRS database, such that whenever there is a request to verify a product from the distributor, the product can be searched in the VRS database and a response can be sent to the distributor.

The VRS Settings tab enables you to add or remove a product in the VRS database.

To add or remove a product from the VRS database, complete the following steps:


1. In the Manufacturer for Pharma application, open the GTINs tab.

2. On the Create GTIN form, select VRS settings.

Note: The VRS settings tab will be active only if the MediLedger Manufacturer channel is selected in the Settings tab at the application level.


3. Select Add to VRS lookup directory option. The product is stored in the VRS database.

4. If the product is already added to the VRS database, you can view the Remove from VRS directory option. Select the option to remove the product from the database.

5. Select the Show verification failure reason option to display the reason for the verification failure of the product.